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An egress window that is open and letting sunshine into a white room that has plants.

Egress Windows

a below-grade living space essential

A modern kitchen with the sink and window in focus.

Replacement Windows

windows for the rest of your home

Glass Block Windows

replace home windows with glass block

A red brick wall with new mortar added into the crevices.

Brick Tuckpointing

a facelift for brick walls

How Do YOU Let Life In?

Basement Spaces Are For Living

Family Room
Extra Bedroom
Home Office
Art Studio
Home Gym

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Our team is committed to helping you make your home safe and add significant value. We believe this can be done through the home services we provide.

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Since 2004

A red brick wall with new mortar added into the crevices.

19th Century Home Gets an Exterior Facelift

The 19th-century home underwent a remarkable exterior facelift, showcasing meticulous brick tuckpointing that restored its historic allure while ensuring long-term durability and aesthetic appeal.

Home Basement Turns into a Rental Space

A neglected basement was ingeniously transformed into a profitable rental space, featuring the installation of egress windows that not only flooded the area with natural light but also enhanced safety measures, maximizing its functionality and rental potential.

Egress Windows Raise Cleveland Home Value

By adding egress windows to the basement, a Cleveland home not only gained an extra bedroom but also saw a substantial increase in its market value, illustrating the significant impact of thoughtful renovations on property worth.

Basement Transformation: Before and After

Experience the captivating journey of a basement’s transformation, witnessing its evolution from a raw, underutilized space to a vibrant and welcoming area, showcasing the transformative power of strategic design and skilled craftsmanship.

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